Mounting accessories

Snap hooks

Length 50 mm | material strength 5 mm | breaking load 570 kg

Length 60 mm | material strength 6 mm | breaking load 670 kg

Snap hooks are used for the attachment of the sun sail to rings or hooks.


Length 150-220mm | breaking load 1200 kg
Length 220-300mm | breaking load 3100 kg
Ends with welded forks and bolt locking mechanism.
Can be used without additional hooks.

Fabrics expand over time. It is recommended to use a turnbuckle to keep the fabric taut. Screw the forked ends of the turnbuckle in or out to adjust the lengths of the turnbuckle. This way, the tension of the sail can be maintained. Don‘t forget to reduce the dimensions of your sail accordingly during your planning process and mind the correct pulling direction.

Eye bolts and eye nuts

Eye bolts are put through the pole and are fixed from behind with a nut.

Eye nuts can be attached to the pole in two different ways:

  • Method 1: The eye nut is held by a screw which is put through the pole frombehind. The screw is then secured with the eye nut and washer or screw glue. Select the screw in accordance to the length of your pole.
  • Method 2: Only used at the top of the pole. The screw is installed from the inside of the pole and secured with the eye nut. In this installation, the protruding end of the screw is not visible. The cap of the pole has to be removed to install the nut .

Stainless steel cable

Ø 4 mm | 6 mm

Ends with threads or stainless steel thimbles

Sometimes it is necessary to bridge long distances to a suitable fixation point. In these cases a stainless steel cable or a chain can be useful. But be aware that with increasing length of the cable, the sail tends to swing in the wind. Even with increased tension, this cannot be prevented. Consult your specialty retailer or sun protection specialist for advice.

Cable pulley

Stainless steel block with 1 wheel / 2 wheels

With a cable pulley it is easy to build a hoisting mechanism (see sketch) allowing you to quickly fix each sail even to tall poles. The upper pulley is attached to the eye bolt (snap hooks are not necessary). Depending on how easy the hoisting should be, a pulley can be built with several blocks. The lower end of the rope can be fastened to a cleat. Polyesterropes (Ø 6mm) are available in desired lengths.


Stainless steel | various shapes

Shackles are a versatile and handy alternative for snap hooks. Shackles can be used to connect your sun sail to poles, wall brackets and other attachment points.

Wall brackets

Stainless steel | material strength 5 mm | drill holes 12 mm

Wall brackets can be attached to walls, corners and angles to create a securely anchored attachment point for your sun sail.

Our sun sails and sun sail poles


Home Comfort

With Home Comfort Sun Sails you create your personal wellness oasis at your favorite spot in your garden or on your terrace. Have your creativity run wild with customized sun sails or choose one of our many standard sizes.


All Season

The All Season Sun Sail is the right choice for permanent installations. With this extremely robust construction and the solid HDPE-Tentmesh, which is permerable for water and air, you are perfectly prepared against wind and weather and is also the best choice for shading very large areas.


Sun sail poles

Poles are used to support free-standing sun sails. They are made of steel, stainless steel or aluminium and come in various sizes. Choose the right sun sail pole from our big range of poles to find the perfect pole which is consistent with your foundation.