Parasol bases

Parasol bases

Find a suitable base for every parasol. CARAVITA offers a wide range of different models in many different colours and shapes for any intended use.

Ground sleeves and pole fittings

Ground sleeves are parasol bases set into a concrete footing. Depending on the character of the ground, sleeves with different lenghts are used. The upper part of the ground sleeve can be removed. The remaining part is even with the ground.


The gabion Multicube is an ideal additional standing table or seating option, dependingon the chosen height. The innovation, which has been especially developed for catering trade, creates a relaxing atmosphere and space for more guests.

Lighting and Heating

 Solamagic Heaters

With the Solamagic heaters it is summer whenever you want! Efficient infrared heaters provide comfortable warmth below your parasol. The heaters can be mounted either on the mast or at the end of the struts. Parasol Big Ben is also available with integrated heating.

Light for your parasol

Make your terrace shine bright! CARAVITA offers different options to complement your parasol with light. Parasol light “Naxos” can be retofitted easily. Our large hospitality parasol Big Ben is available with integrated lighting system “Elegance”.

More parasol accessoires

Side curtains

With side curtains your parasol changes into a pavilion in no time. All side curtains are made of high-quality Premium acrylic awning fabric or other speciality fabrics. There are different types of side curtains available.

Rain gutters

With rain gutters several parasols can be connected. If it rains, the water drains alongside the rain gutters. The spaces between the parasols are leak proof. Especially for hospitality parasols rain gutters are a valuable option.


Support poles

Add even more stability to your parasol with support poles. Especially on windy days it is useful, to use support poles for the parasol for added strengh, particularly if you only have a light base. For additional stability cross brackets can be combined with support poles.

Push rods

Push rods are a useful tool helping you to pull the protection bag over your parasol. By using a push rod you can lift the protection bag over the closed parasol and close the zipper. Push rods are available in various lengths.