Warranty Conditions

Caravita Europe s.r.o. is proud to provide the customer an extended warranty for products expressly marked. The legal rights of the client are not going to be restricted by this warranty.

The following warranty conditions apply:


Caravita Europe s.r.o.
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01851 Nova Dubnica

Phone: +49 8458 603 23
E-mail: sales@caravita.eu

More contact details on our website: www.caravita.eu

Extent of warranty:
Timed: 5 years from the delivery of the goods with the exception of electrical and transmission equipment. This warranty is granted for 2 years.
Geographical: All member states of the European Union.

Warranty case is accepted, if the product shows failure of function, material or processing, which was not caused by wind, hail, snow etc., or inappropriate handling or storage. Purchaser has the option either to receive replacement parts, or to send the faulty product to our warehouse for repair. Replacement parts and repairs shall not be invoiced; incurred transport cost will be at the expense of the purchaser. If identical replacement parts are no longer available, the purchaser will receive similar parts that are appropriate for the required function. Advanced claims of the warranty, especially of cancellation, reduction or compensation for damages, are excluded.

Warranty protection:
It should be disclosed in advance, if the product case is covered by warranty or not. For this purpose a detailed picture(s) or similar proof should be submitted. We ask that customers discuss any potential warranty case first by phone, and not to send any goods to us without advance notice. As proof of eligibility of warranty a copy of the invoice is reqired. Upon examination or testing emerge that the reported defect on the product is not eligible for a warranty claim, we reserve the right to charge the purchaser the cost of examination of the product.

Warranty exclusion:
Warranty claims are excluded if the product is damaged or destroyed due to the effects of force majeure or due to environmental influences such as wind, hail, snow, frost etc., if the product was stored or operated under conditions that do not comply with those stated in the technical specifications, or if damage is caused by incorrect or inappropriate handling, in particular by non-compliance with the operating instructions or by modifications of the product, as well as by common usage, which does not affect the functionality of product.

The above warranty conditions are valid and in addition to statutory rights of the customer and are no restriction to the rights of the customer.