The Multicube: Style and function perfectly combined

The gabion Multicube is not only an attractive eye-catcher, it is also an ideal additional standing table or seating option, depending on the chosen height. The robust steel cages with wooden seat are the ideal replacement for a common parasol base with concrete pavers. The innovation, which has been especially developed for catering trade, creates a relaxing atmosphere and space for more guests. Thanks to the clever lifting device for pallet jacks, the Multicube can be moved very easily. The mobile parasol base thus guarantees a fl exible arrangement of the outdoor area – without the necessity to install a ground sleeve.

The filling is up to your choice and can be chosen to match best with any catering situation – how about wine bottles or logs instead of stones? Examples of Inspiration can be found on the back. The gabion offers suffi cient space for technical features: LED light, Bluetooth speakers or WLAN hotspot make the Multicube a highlight outdoors!

And best of all: The Multicube can easily be retrofi tted to existing CARAVITA parasol bases. For a standardized appearance, the steel cages can be powder coated in a large variety of RAL colours.

Your benefits

  • Additional standing or seating option
  • Flexible: lifting device for pallet jacks
  • Individual sizes, colours and filling
  • Ideal advertising medium
  • Eye-catcher for every outdoor area

The Multicube

Multicube Types

  • Multicube 40 (Height 40 cm)
  • Multicube 60 (Height 60 cm)
  • Multicube 80 (Height 80 cm)

Product Information

  • Steel cage made of double stick mats in galvanized quality with bottom
  • Suitable for all CARAVITA parasol bases with concrete paver 40 x 40 cm
  • Filling compound approx. 34 x 34 cm
  • With pinewood seat

Colour range for the wooden seat


light brown

dark brown




Multicube Specials

Sheet stand Dublin 8Z with Multicube 40 (left) and
Multicube 60 with welded-on foot rail (right).

Additional options

  • Sheet stand Monaco 8Z
  • Sheet stand Dublin 8Z
  • Foot rail
  • Powder coating in RAL colour
  • Lifting device set for pallet jacks

How to use the lifting device for pallet jacks


Put the lifting device below the Multicube.

Lift the Multicube with the lifting device. To do so, press the lever downwards in the direction of the arrow.

Put the metal support bars below the Multicube.

Move the Multicube with the pallet jack.

Multicube Sets

Multicube Sets

(Seating height with Dublin 8Z + seat)

  • Multicube 40 (Height 47 cm)
  • Multicube 60 (Height 67 cm)
  • Multicube 80 (Height 87 cm)
  • Consists of four individual Multicubes
  • Including sheet stand Monaco 8Z or Dublin 8Z
  • Robust wooden seat, 3-fold sealed in the colour of your choice

Multicube Freestyle

Solid – the Multicube Freestyle barstool with foot rail. The filling with quarrystones ensures a high stability.

High table with rustic flair. The logs are easy to handle and make this Multicube Freestyle a special eye-catcher.

A stylish bar stool at night! This Multicube Freestyle is filled with cullet and illuminated with LED headlights.

Freestyle Multicubes are outdoor furniture with flair. The perfect combination of style and function is combined in this practical corner solution.

A comfortable Multicube bench with a functional partition that also serves as backrest.

Take a seat and enjoy the summer: this Multicube invites you to linger.

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