FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Here you´ll find the frequently asked questions about your CARAVITA products.

Can I design my parasol by myself?

Yes. CARAVITA parasols are available in many different styles, shapes, colours, sizes and much more so that you can configure your personalized parasol. Take a look at our current catalogue and design the parasol which fits perfectly your needs and wishes.


„Classic“ and „Plus“ – What are the differences of those parasols?

Parasols Primus, Samara, Amalfi and Belvedere are available as “Classic” and “Plus”. The differences between the options mostly lies in the hubs on which the struts of the parasol run together.

The parasols type “Classic” are equipped with highly resilient UV-stable plastic hubs. Depending on the frame colour, those hubs are either white or anthracite.

The parasols of type “Plus” are furnished with hubs made of solid aluminium and offer an optimum in stability. Furthermore hubs made of aluminium are powder coated matching the frame colour and make a particular elegant expression.

Version “Classic”
Version “Plus”


What is a wind hood or a wind roof?

A wind hood is a small fabric cover on top of the parasol. It is sewed-on to the canopy and sits on the parasol. When there is a wind stream it lifts and reduces the wind forces.

The hood of the wind roof is stretched on its own struts. The wind roof looks like a little shade on your parasol. It offers your sun shade an extraordinary and modern look.

Wind hood and wind roof both improve the stability of your parasol towards wind. Different tests have proved that parasols equipped with wind hood and wind roof exposd to wind streams are less likely to move.

Wind hood
Wind roof
Parasol with wind hood
Parasol with wind roof

What is a valance and in which ways the various types differentiate?

Valances are fabric stripes, which are attached to the angles of many parasols. They function as an additional glare protection and often are used as advertising panels. There are different types of valances:

The flowing valance has an undefined transition. It is moving freely in the breeze and gives the parasols a touch of summerly lightness.

The sewed-on valance is, as the name gives away, sewed-on the angle of the parasol so that there is a hard edge at the transition of canopy and valance. The valances are sown at the corners so that they do not move in the wind. Sewed-on valances therefore are appropriate for advertising prints.

Flowing valance
Sewed-on valance
Parasol with flowing valance
Parasol with sewed-on valance
Parasol with individual valance

Which wind forces CARAVITA parasols can withstand?

Every CARAVITA parasol is made of especially robust and high-quality material to reach an optimum of stability. Wind presents a particular challenge for parasols. Therefore the parasols of type Primus and Big Ben were tested in the wind tunnel.

Both parasols obtained good results and parasol Big Ben braved storm winds of up to 100 km/h. In two shorts videos we recorded the test in the wind tunnel of both parasols:

Primus in the wind tunnel:

Big Ben in the wind tunnel:

To guarantee additional stability, it is advisable to equip your parasol with a wind hood or a wind roof. Moreover you also should choose a permanent anchor.

For reasons of safety in general parasols should be closed during high wind conditions.

Which parasol is the right one for me?

The model Primus is especially light and mobile and the perfect parasol for private usage. Thanks to its low weight it is easy to assemble and to dismantle. Therefore it is not necessary to keep the parasol restricted to one single spot at your terrace.

The model Samara can be opened and closed very easy, thanks to its internal crank. For that reason even elderly people and children can handle it effortlessly. Due to its telescopic system the parasol closes above tables and chairs.

Thanks to the balanced opening and closing mechanism parasol model Supremo can also be handled very easily and rapidly. The telescopic mechanism closes the parasol at table height.

Parasol Big Ben offers you sun protection in ultimate quality. The internal crank mechanism makes the parasol very easy to open. It is extremely robust and available in sizes of up to Ø 7 m. Light and heating systems can be integrated directly into the parasol, so that the use of additional lanterns and heaters on your terrace is not necessary. Parasol Big Ben comes with all features to enjoy your terrace to the fullest – even on colder days.

Parasol Amalfi is a cantilever shade with a crank mechanism. Its classy Italian design most certainly gets you into a holiday mood. Thanks to the cantilever there is enough room for tables and chairs under the parasol. Amalfi also can be used with Duo-, Quadro masts and also with masts which are attached to the walls.

Parasol Belvedere has a cantilever mast with lever mechanism. In opens within some seconds and spreads its protective roof above tables and chairs. The parasol recoils closed out of the way when not using it and does not need more space than a classic parasol with a middle mast.

Parasol Primus
Parasol Samara
Parasol Supremo
Gran-Parasol-Patio-umbrella-Hotellerie-Restauration-Big-Ben-Caravita-sqaure-with-integrated-light-Elegance-and heating
Parasol Big Ben
Parasol Amalfi
Parasol Belvedere

I´m a restaurateur – which CARAVITA parasols are suitable for commercial use?

All CARAVITA parasols are made of high-quality and robust materials and therefore are perfectly suitable for the use in hospitality or hotel business.

Big Ben parasol has especially been designed for hospitality use. The parasol is extremely robust and available in sizes of up to Ø 7 m. Optional light and heating systems can be integrated directly into the parasol and your outdoor area can be used profitably even on colder days. Thanks to the internal crank mechanism the usage of the parasol is especially easy.

Samara and Supremo are the affordable alternatives to Big Ben. They are also available in large sizes (Samara of up to Ø 550 cm, Supremo of up to Ø 600 cm) and particularly easy to operate. External light and heating systems can be refitted.

With Big Ben Freestyle outdoor areas can be covered effectively into every last corner. The parasol is produced according to your wishes. You´ll find more information here.

The Amalfi line with its single, Duo and Quadro masts offers you many diverse opportunities in high quality for hospitality to shade even large areas with cantilever parasols. Here you´ll find more information about these parasol systems.

Cantilever parasol Amalfi with wall mount
Gran-Parasol-Patio-umbrella-Hotellerie-Restauration-Big-Ben-Caravita-sqaure-with-integrated-light-Elegance-and heating
Parasol Big Ben with light and heating system
Possible version of parasol Big Ben Freestyle
Parasol Samara
Parasol Supremo

Do CARAVITA parasols fit into my table?

Alternatively we offer parasol Primus with a slim Ø 38 mm mast. It fits easily through the hole of many terrace tables. When you prefer a parasol with an even slimmer mast, parasol Primavera possibly is the right choice with its mast diameter of 25 mm. In the following you find the different mast diameters of our parasols:

Ø 25 mm – Primavera

Ø 38 mm – Primus (with special mast Ø 38mm)

Ø 50 mm – Primus, Samara, Supremo

Parasol Patio umbrella Primus 38 mm Mast
Parasol Primus with special mast Ø 38 mm
Parasol Primavera with special mast Ø 25 mm

Are there spare parts available for my parasol?

Yes, even after many years there are spare parts available for almost every part of your parasol.
Call us at + 49 8458 603 89 23 or write an e-mail, we´ll happy to assist you.

Can my parasol stay outside during the whole summer?

Your parasol can stay outside during the whole summer without any problems. Please note however to close the parasol and to use the strap like it stipulated in the manual.

When there are upcoming strong winds it is advisable to close the parasol or to dismantle the parasol completely if necessary.

Strap for parasol

How much weight does the parasol base need?

Unfortunately it is impossible to make general advices for the determination of weight. Wind often is declared in specific speeds (e.g. 40 km/h). However, in those cases it is neglected that several blasts of wind are often much stronger. Furthermore wind doesn´t only appear from the side but also from above and below, sometimes equally.

The strength and frequency of blasts of wind, as well as their direction and appearance is also locally very different. At several locations a light base can be enough meanwhile at other locations a ground anchor is recommended.

As a manufacturer we have to leave the rating of the circumstances to competent partners and customers on-site and recommend in case of doubt rather a heavier base or a ground anchor.

How do I clean my CARAVITA canopy?

CARAVITA parasols made of Premium awning fabrics can be cleaned without any problems.

You´ll find a detailed manual here. If any questions arise, we are of course at your service at any time.

1) Unscrew the finial cap.

2) Open the parasol halfway.

3) Loosen the screws at the end of the struts with a cordless drill and remove the canopy from the parasol.

4) Take off the canopy from your parasol.

5) Mount the new or cleaned canopy by repeating step one to four in reverse order.

6) Open your parasol carefully and check if the orientation of the canopy is correct.

How long does the delivery of my product take?

The delivery time of your product depends on seasonal conditions and normally lies between three and five weeks. Please call us at +49 8458 603 89 23 or write us an e-mail at sales@caravita.eu to get a detailed reply of the current delivery times.