All Season

The All Season sun sail is the right choice for permanent installations. This extremely robust construction has a massive stainless steel three-way-turnbuckle for fixation in the corners. The surrounding edges of the sun sail have a strong stainless steel cable inside. Although the solid HDPE-Tentmesh is permerable for water and air, it still protects against up to 98% of the UV-rays. For this reason All Season sun sails are not only prepared for wind and weather (snow loads excluded), they are also the best choice for shading very large areas (up until 75 m²) and often used in kindergartens, retirement homes, lidos and in hospitality!

Extremely robust thanks to stainless steel cable

Cables made of Ø 6 mm strong, high quality stainless steel are incorporated into the surrounding seam of the All Season sun sail. Therefore the sun sail is extremely robust and suitable for permanent installations and commercial use, i.e. in kindergartens, lidos and in hospitality.

Extremely robust thanks to massive corners

Three-way turnbuckles made of stainless steel are used to fasten the corners of the robust sun sail to its fixation points. The corners of the fabric are made of tough HDPE-net and double reinforced. All cables of the sun sail can be adjusted individually. An additional, large turnbuckle with a breaking load of 3 tons is included with each corner.

Permeable HDPE-Net in 16 colours

The sun sail made of tough HDPE-Net (Tentmesh) is permeable for water and air and therefore can resist even wind and strong rain. However, the fabric still protects against up to 98% of the UV-rays. Tentmesh is available in 16 colours.


Custom made to your specifications

The All Season sun sails are custom-made and the right solution for every location.

The shape, the number of corners, the length of the sides and much more – it is all up to you! Thanks to our CAD-based production, even complex shapes can be manufactured easily. Local architects and specialty retailers can provide valuable help with the construction (size up until 75 m²).
Share your visions with us and we will produce your individual sun sail according to our high production standards.

Your sun sail –  your favourite colour!


Tentmesh is a mesh material of UV resistant flat- and HDPE-yarn.
As Tentmesh is permeable to water, it is the opitmal solution for sails with a declination of less than 30%.