Cleaning tips for parasols and sun sails

How to clean and care for your parasol fabric

A parasol that is used all year round is exposed to the weather and the soiling that comes with the seasons. Over time, a layer of dirt can form on the surface of the canopy, which can be burnt into the coating permanently by solar radiation. In addition, dirt can penetrate the mechanism and damage movable parts. It is therefore important that you clean and maintain your sun shading system regularly in order to protect the high-grade materials. This will extend the life of your parasol and keep it looking like new.

Special cleaning agents are often not necessary at all; what is more important is regular maintenance. Special cleaning agents can help to remove tough staining on metal or plastic surfaces. You should avoid vigorous scrubbing of the parasol fabric, as well as machine washing. It is best to use a soft sponge and a gentle cleaning solution made up of mild detergent and water. Alternatively, you can also use a high-grade cleaning glove made of special microfibre material. The glove is suitable for both wet and dry cleaning and can be cleaned itself in a normal washing machine cycle.

General cleaning tips for your parasol

  • Soiling is best removed through dry brushing at regular intervals
  • Small stains can be treated with lukewarm water and a soft brush
  • To treat stubborn stains, hand wash with a conventional mild detergent, rinse well with running water, leave to dry and treat with a waterproofing agent.
  • Liquid cleaning agents of many types are available from specialist retailers; always follow the instructions for use carefully
  • Only wash the parasol fabric with cold water, never with warm or hot water, and never in the washing machine! Acrylic fabrics can shrink even at low temperatures.

How to replace your parasol fabric

Dirty or damaged fabric is no reason to replace the entire parasol. We will show you how you can easily remove the fabric on your CARAVITA parasol, so that you can have it cleaned, repaired or replaced with new fabric.

1) Unscrew the finial top.

2) Open the parasol halfway.

3) Remove the fabric from the parasol by loosening the screws at the ends of the struts with an electric screwdriver.

4) Remove the fabric from your parasol.

5) Mount the new, cleaned or repaired fabric by performing steps 1 to 4 in reverse.

6) Carefully open the parasol and check that the parasol fabric is correctly aligned.

Note: If the parasol cannot be opened easily, do not use excessive force! Look for the fault that is obstructing the mechanism. If you are unable to find the source of the fault, please get in touch with your specialist dealer or call the Caravita Hotline.

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