Parasols for public institutions

Special places require special sun protection. CARAVITA parasols are ideal for use at swimming pools, nursery schools, schools or public institutions. Whether provided by a canopy or a sun sail, a shady spot is guaranteed. Quick and easy operation makes the parasols even more impressive. Paired with the perfect sun and UV protection, parasols and sun sails from CARAVITA are a real asset to your property. When equipped with radiant heaters and LED lights, parasols can be used all year round at any time of the day or night.

Sun shading for schools, preschools and swimming pools

Big Ben

The professional-quality Big Ben large parasol is an eye-catcher for every patio. With its majestic and elegant look it sends a clear message, even from afar: a comfortable, sheltered seat awaits you. With its many extras, high wind stability and a span of up to 7 m, it was specially developed to meet the high demands of the food service and hospitality industries.

Big Ben Freestyle

Where standard sizes are not enough, Big Ben Freestyle can be used. The professional restaurant parasol is individually produced according to customer requirements. Shape and size can be freely chosen. With a side length of up to 7 m and a surface of up to 36 m², Big Ben Freestyle not only guarantees efficient shading, but also creates real design highlights with its unusual shape.


It‘s so easy – with its sophisticated sliding mechanism, the Supremo opens and closes much more easily and quickly than other parasols, even for large spans. This makes Supremo a welcome addition not only to private gardens and restaurants, but is also suitable for nursery schools and public institutions.