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Can I design my parasol myself?

Yes. Our parasols are available in many different designs, shapes, colours and sizes, so that you can configure your own personal parasol. In this video, we show you how easy it is.

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What is a wind roof/wind hood?

A wind hood refers to the small fabric hood at the tip of the parasol. The wind hood is sewn onto the fabric and sits on top of the parasol. The hood lifts when there are gusts of wind, thus reducing the force of the wind.

For a wind roof, the hood is stretched across a separate frame. A wind roof is like a small parasol on top of your parasol. It gives your sun shading system an unusual, modern look.

Wind hoods and wind roofs are intended to improve the stability of your parasol in the wind. Trials have shown that parasols with a wind hood or roof move less drastically in wind currents.

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Sonnenschirm Windhaube
Sonnenschirm Windhaube

Wind hood

Sonnenschirm Windhaube
Sonnenschirm Windhaube

Wind roof

What is a valance and how do the different types of valance differ?

Valance refers to the fabric strips attached to the edges of many parasols. Valances provide additional glare protection and are often printed with advertising images. There are different types of valance:

A “flowing valance” connects to the canopy with no discernible edge. The valance can move freely in the wind, giving the parasol a light and summery feel.

The “sewed-on valance” is sewed on to the edges of the parasol. The valance thus connects to the canopy with visible a hard edge. The valances are sewed together at the edges so that they can not move in the wind. Sewed-on valances are thus optimally suited for advertising.

Scalloped valances and other special shapes are available in both flowing and sewed-on versions. We are also happy to manufacture individualised valances for your parasol on request.

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Sonnenschirm Volant

Sewed-on valance

Sonnenschirm Volant

Flowing valance

Sonnenschirm Volant

Parasol with flowing valance

Sonnenschirm Volant

Parasol with sewed-on valance

Parasol with individualised valance

What wind forces can CARAVITA parasols withstand?

All Caravita parasols are made of especially robust and high-grade materials, in order to achieve optimal stability. Wind presents a particular challenge to parasols. The Big Ben parasol model was therefore tested in a wind tunnel.

The Big Ben model even withstood storm winds of up to 100 km/h in its 3×3 m version. We captured the wind tunnel test in a short video.

To guarantee additional stability in wind, we recommend equipping your parasol with a wind hood or a wind roof. You should also choose a permanent anchor.

For security reasons, it is also important to close parasols when it is windy as a general rule.

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Big Ben 3 x 3 m in the wind tunnel

Which parasol is the right one for me?

Thanks to its crank, the Samara model is easy to open and close even for older people and children. Its telescopic system also allows it to close over tables and chairs.

The Supremo model can be opened and closed with particular ease and speed thanks to its sophisticated, balanced sliding mechanism. The telescopic system closes the parasol above table height.

The Big Ben parasol represents the very best that sun shading systems have to offer. The parasol is opened by crank, is extremely robust, and is available in sizes up to Ø 7 m. Lighting and heating systems can be directly integrated into the parasol. This means you can save on additional radiant heaters or lamps for your terrace – the Big Ben parasol has everything you need to to enjoy your terrace to the full, even when it gets cold.

The Amalfi parasol has a side mast with crank operation. Its classic Italian design quickly creates a holiday atmosphere. The side mast leaves plenty of space for tables and chairs under the parasol. Amalfi can also be used with DuoQuadro or wall masts.

The Belvedere parasol has a laterally aligned mast with a handle mechanism. It opens within seconds and its protective canopy spreads over tables and chairs. When the parasol is closed, it folds back, taking up no more space than a classic central mast parasol.

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Samara parasol

Supremo parasol

Big Ben parasol

Amalfi parasol

Belvedere parasol

I’m a restaurant owner – which CARAVITA parasols are suitable for commercial use?

All CARAVITA parasols are made of high-grade and resilient materials and are thus fundamentally suited to long-term use in the food service and hospitality industry.

The Big Ben model was specially designed for the food service industry. The parasol is especially robust and available in diameters of up to Ø 7 m. Lighting and heating systems can optionally be integrated directly into the parasol. You can thus make profitable use of your outdoor area even in cooler weather. The practical crank mechanism also makes the parasol especially easy to operate.

The Samara and Supremo parasols can be used as an affordable alternative to the Big Ben. These are also available with large diameters (Samara up to Ø 550 cm, Supremo up to Ø 600 cm) and are very easy to use. External lighting and heating systems can be retrofitted.

With Big Ben Freestyle, even the furthest corners of restaurant terraces can be shaded. The parasol is manufactured based loosely on your plans. Further information can be found here.

With its single, wall, Duo and Quadro masts, the Amalfi series offers versatile options for shading even large areas with cantilever parasols, perfect for the food service industry. Detailed information on this parasol system can be found here.

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Amalfi Sonnenschirm Seitenmastschirm Caravita Weiss Quadratisch Five Senses Granada

Amalfi cantilever parasol with wall installation

Sonnenschirm Gastroschirm Big Ben Von Caravita Quadratisch Mit Beleuchtung Elegance Mit Integriertem Heizsystem

Big Ben parasol with lighting and heating

Icon Sonnenschirm Big Ben Freestyle

Possible Big Ben Freestyle variation

Sonnenschirm Samara Von Caravita Quadratisch In Grau Mit Winddach Mit Fliessendem Volant

Samara parasol

Sonnenschirm Supremo Von Caravita In Rot Viereckig Mit Windhaube1

Supremo parasol

Will CARAVITA parasols fit into my table?

Alternatively, we offer Primus parasols with a slender mast of Ø 38 mm to fit seamlessly into the centre of many patio tables. If you prefer a model with a thinner mast, the Primavera model is probably the best choice as it has a mast diameter of just 25 mm.

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Are there spare parts available for my parasol?

Yes, spare parts are available for almost every parasol component. Call us on +49 8458 603 89 0 or write us an email, we are happy to help you find the right spare parts.

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Can I leave my parasol outside all summer long?

Your parasol can stay outside all summer long without any problems. Please note, however, that the parasol should be closed and secured with the strap as described in the instructions.

If there is strong wind, however, it is recommended that you close the parasol and/or disassemble it completely.

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Caravita Sonnenschirm Gurtband

Strap for parasol

How much should my parasol base weigh?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to give general information about weight calculations. Wind is often stated at a specific speed (e.g. 40 km/h). This ignores the fact, however, that individual gusts of wind can often be much stronger. Also, wind doesn’t just come from the side, but from above and below too – sometimes even at the same time.

Wind speed is therefore only somewhat a suitable factor for recommending a parasol base. Therefore, we provide no information on this in our sales material.

The strength and frequency of gusts of wind, as well as their direction and nature, differ greatly depending on the region. In some places a light parasol base may be sufficient, whereas in other locations fixed anchoring is recommended.

As a manufacturer, we must entrust our expert partners and customers with correctly assessing the on-site conditions, and in case of doubt we can recommend a heavier parasol base or a fixed anchoring.

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How do I clean my CARAVITA parasol fabric?

Caravita parasols made of premium acrylic awning fabric can be cleaned easily. Detailed instructions can be found here. Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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1) Unscrew the finial top.

2) Open the parasol halfway.

3) Remove the fabric from the parasol by loosening the screws at the ends of the struts with an electric screwdriver.

4) Remove the fabric from your parasol.

5) Mount the new, cleaned or repaired fabric by performing steps 1 to 4 in reverse.

6) Carefully open the parasol and check that the parasol fabric is correctly aligned.

How long will it take for my product to be delivered?

The delivery time of your product depends on the time of year, but will usually be between 2 and 4 weeks. Give us a call on +49 8458 603 89 0 or send an email to info@caravita.eu to receive definitive information about current delivery times.

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