Big Ben – Majestic and individual

An elegant giant parasol for the hotel and food service industries

Big Ben is one of the most popular products from sun shading specialists Caravita. With its elegant appearance, the parasol creates an inviting, cosy atmosphere, whether as a daytime shading system or a comforting canopy in the evening. The Big Ben Freestyle is individual and therefore the ideal solution for every kind of outdoor food service and is adapted to on-site dimensional and shape requirements.

Whether on the terrace of a street cafe or in the pool area of an exclusive hotel complex, the Big Ben parasol from Caravita satisfies all requirements. It has a sturdy, wind tunnel-tested aluminium frame and is available in many different shapes and over 50 sizes. Thanks to the individual production technique, the Big Ben Freestyle canopy can be precisely tailored to every situation, even in a diamond or a star shape. In urban areas, notches can also be made for exposed brickwork. In contrast, the canopy covers large open spaces with a span of up to seven meters. That means space for up to eight cafe tables. The Big Ben Freestyle is not only variable in shape and size. More than 140 fabric designs and over 200 frame colours are available to choose from. The Big Ben Freestyle also won over the judging panel for the Plus X Award 2018/19 with its variety and flexibility. It was honoured in the categories of “Design” and “High Quality”, which is reflected in Caravita’s five-year long-term warranty and functionality.

Multifunctional at any time of day

For the most operating comfort possible, the Big Ben is also available with a motor. In two minutes, several parasols can be conveniently opened and closed at the same time with a single remote control. Should the parasol be closed again spontaneously, plates and table decoration can simply stay in place, because the integrated telescopic system allows the parasol to increase in height when closing. Big Ben provides a cosy atmosphere under its canopy, offering something extra in the Caravita range, as the parasol creates special moments for guests after dark. The optional Elegance light system, unobtrusively integrated into the struts, means evenings never have to end. The LEDS are dimmed by remote control so that you can enjoy pleasant ambient lighting. Detachable radiant heaters also provide cosy warmth late in the year. In conjunction with rain gutters and side panels, individualised weather protection can be achieved.

Much more than a parasol base

The multicube gabions are an original idea, designed to create additional space outside, which create a relaxed and informal mood as both parasol bases and seating. The sturdy steel baskets with freely selectable fillings – such as stones, wood or empty bottles – and a comfortable wood covering are ideal for advertising and can be easily moved with a pallet truck. This allows outdoor areas to be quickly reconfigured for events.


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About Caravita

Caravita, the summer manufacturer, is a company of the WAREMA Group and is a specialist in tailor-made parasols and sun sails. The company has been developing high-quality sun shading solutions for patios, balconies and the restaurant and food service industry since 1993. The distribution centre is located in Gaimersheim, near Ingolstadt, while the production site is near Trencin in Slovakia.

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