Shade with ease all year round

The robust All Season sun sail offers clear advantages for the food service industry

As a shading system, the All Season sun sails from Caravita combine a light appearance with high efficiency and resistance. They remain taut between the masts the whole year round, as wind and rain do not affect the sails. They can therefore be set up and dismantled with minimal effort and protect reliably against UV radiation.

The All Season sun sails are made to measure for individual needs. Whether it be a cafe terrace, the play area of an outdoor eatery, poolside loungers or a restaurant garden that needs to be shaded, Caravita creates suitable sun sails for every situation. Even unusual shapes or large sails of up to seven meters in lateral length can be easily implemented.

In wind and weather

A particular advantage of the All Season sun sails for the food service industry is that they are suitable for year-round installation. This means that employees do not need to take the sun sails down in rainy or stormy weather. Its water and wind-permeable HPDE fabric does not become damaged, even in bad weather, but does filter out 98 percent of UV radiation when it is sunny. The robust construction with double-reinforced corners, welded fabric webs and stainless steel cables running through the hem easily withstands heavier loads. A solid stainless steel three-way turnbuckle functions as a corner fixing. The stainless steel or steel masts are cemented into the ground and therefore stand steady throughout the year.

The All Season sails are designed for each project based on the fixing points and dimensions. Caravita also offers practical support in the form of professional statics and shading calculations. With 16 different colours which can be selected to match furniture, facades or other sun shading products, All Season sun sails combine a floating aesthetic design with the highest functionality. The perfect solution for those who love something special.


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About Caravita

Caravita, the summer manufacturer, is a company of the WAREMA Group and is a specialist in tailor-made parasols and sun sails. The company has been developing high-quality sun shading solutions for patios, balconies and the restaurant and hotel industry since 1993. The distribution centre is located in Gaimersheim, near Ingolstadt, while the production site is near Trencin in Slovakia.

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Sonnensegel All Season grau Pool
Sonnensegel All Season grau Pool
Sonnensegel All Season grau Pool
Sonnensegel All Season grau Spannschloss