Tailor-made variety – Parasols from Caravita

High-grade shading for private gardens and outdoor food service

With parasols and sun sails from Caravita, you can create sun-shaded favourite spots on patios, in gardens and on balconies. Whether in private or commercial areas, Caravita produces diverse and innovative sun shading solutions which satisfy the highest requirements. With functional operation and equipped with numerous extras, the products easily satisfy individual needs. Thanks to countless possibilities for personalised shape and colour design, the factory-produced parasols match the aesthetics of every architecture and design style.

Belvedere cantilever parasol – Opens in seconds

The Belvedere cantilever parasol opens in seconds using the unique Easy-Flap folding technology developed by Caravita: simply push the lever down and the canopy opens. When closed, it saves space just like a central mast parasol.

Solid aluminium hubs, high-grade cables and stainless steel fittings make the Belvedere stable and ensure that the Easy-Flap mechanism continues to work as reliably as on the first day, even after many years of use. The innovative stainless steel parasol base enables the parasol to be conveniently turned by 360 degrees. This function is unlocked by pressing the pedal with your foot. This means that shading can always be directed to where it is needed.

Amalfi cantilever parasol – Floating design

The Amalfi is a cantilever parasol with a seemingly weightless canopy. It offers users maximum space and the greatest flexibility. Its smooth and self-locking crank winch holds the parasol in the desired position. Additionally, it can be turned around its entire axis with an optional rotary base so that the shading can be moved precisely to the right place depending on the position of the sun. After closing, the parasol can be turned to the side to save space. The strong aluminium mast made from four-millimetre-thick aluminium profile provides stability.

The Amalfi model is particularly versatile in its application possibilities. The galvanised wall bracket can be supplied powder-coated in over 200 RAL colours and the mast can also be specially tailored to the project. A further practical solution for the food service industry is the Amalfi Duo or the Amalfi Quadro, which hold two or four canopies respectively on a single mast. Users can open these independently of one another depending on requirements. The Amalfi is a modern classic with a special twist.

Supremo parasol – Light and shade in balance

The Supremo parasol has a sophisticated sliding mechanism, the Easy-Lift-Balance system. This allows the parasol to open itself halfway after it is unlocked and can be slid into the fully open position with just one movement. Opening the Supremo is significantly easier and quicker than with many other parasols. This even applies to the large models with a diameter of up to five meters, which are used primarily in the food service industry. With the double hubs made from solid aluminium and the struts which are reinforced along their entire length, the Supremo scores points with its particular robustness and wind stability. Another highlight: the Supremo closes above table height. Tables, chairs and decorations can simply be left where they are when the parasol is closed. This is enabled by the integrated telescopic mechanism that raises the mast when closing the parasol.

Big Ben giant parasol – A majestic appearance

When it comes to shading large areas, the Big Ben is the perfect all-rounder. With its sturdy, wind tunnel-tested construction, the diverse shapes and over 50 sizes, it offers the ideal solution, especially for outdoor food service and hotel patios. Spans of up to seven meters in diameter are possible and can be opened effortlessly thanks to the stainless steel crank. The parasol can be conveniently opened and closed with a motor via a remote control and the integrated telescopic system completes the range of great additional functions.

The Big Ben Freestyle model can also be individually tailored to every situation and even looks good in a diamond or star shape. If desired, the Big Ben can be supplied with the integrated Elegance light system, whose LEDs can be dimmed by remote control depending on the mood. Detachable radiant heaters also provide pleasant warmth in the evenings and during the colder months. Additional rain gutters and side panels provide reliable weather protection.

Samara parasol – One for all

The Samara parasol can be opened and closed with a minimal amount of force, meaning it is even easy to operate for children and older people. The mechanism even works very simply in the largest models thanks to the detachable stainless steel crank. The Samara combines its uncomplicated operation with a stylish, visually light design and a practical telescopic system which raises the mast when closing the parasol. This means tables, chairs, place settings and decorations can simply be left where they are when the parasol is closed.


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About Caravita

CARAVITA, a company of the WAREMA Group, is a specialist for tailor-made parasols and sun sails. The family-owned company has been developing high-quality sun shading solutions for patios, balconies and the restaurant and hotel industry since 1993. The distribution centre is located in Gaimersheim, near Ingolstadt, while the production site is near Trencin in Slovakia.

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