Technical details

  • Steel cage made of double-bar mesh mats, in galvanised quality with floor
  • Suitable for all CARAVITA parasol bases with flagstone dimensions 40 cm x 40 cm
  • Fill dimensions: approx. 34 cm x 34 cm
  • Robust, weather-resistant HPL (High Pressure Lamiate) seat cover

The benefits for you

  • Mobile thanks to lifting device for pallet truck
  • Individual size, colour and filling can be selected
  • Ideal for advertising
  • Easy to retrofit
Comfort accessories
Design ideas

Multicube types

Multicube Gabione
  • Multicube 50 (height 54 cm)
  • Multicube 80 (height 84 cm)

Multicube Sets

Multicube Gabione Schirmständer

(Seat height with Dublin 8Z + seat bench)

  • Multicube 50 (height 54 cm)
  • Multicube 80 (height 84 cm)
  • Consisting of four individual Multicubes
  • Including sheet base Monaco 8Z or Dublin 8Z
  • Robust, weather-resistant HPL seat cover

Oak decor


Multicube Kissenauflage Warm Beige 10004388

warm beige

Multicube Kissenauflage Soft Stone 10004389

soft stone

Multicube Kissenauflage Storm Grey 10004390

storm grey

Multicube Sitzauflagen In Dre Farben 10004386

New seat cushions are making the tried-and-tested Multicube parasol stand even more comfortable! The cushions are waterproof and dirt-resistant with 100% polyester covers, and available in three colours.

Supplementary accessories

Multicube Gabione
  • Sheet base Monaco 8Z
  • Sheet base Dublin 8Z
  • Foot rail
  • Coating in RAL colour
  • Set lifting device for pallet truck
Multicube Gabione Hocker

Rock solid – the Multicube Freestyle barstool with foot rail. The quarrystone filling ensures a high level of stability.

Multicube Gabione Stehtisch

Bar table with a rustic flair. The logs are easy to handle and make this Multicube Freestyle particularly eye-catching.

Multicube Gabione Hocker

A stylish barstool at night. This Multicube Freestyle is filled with cullet and illuminated with LED headlights.

Multicube Gabione Sitzecke

Freestyle Multicubes are outdoor furniture with style. Style and function are combined in a practical corner solution.

Multicube Gabione Sitzbank

A comfortable Multicube Freestyle bench – with a functional partition that also serves as a backrest.

Multicube Gabione Sitzbank

Take a seat and enjoy the summer: this Multicube Freestyle invites you to stay a while.

How to use the lifting device for pallet trucks

Slide the lifting device under the Multicube.

Lift the Multicube with the lifting device. To do this, push the lever downwards in the direction of the arrow.

Place metal supports underneath.

Move the Multicube with the pallet truck.


The Multicube is as versatile as you need it to be.

“The Italian” restaurant, Recklinghausen
Big Ben parasol 5 m x 5 m, frame RAL 9006 white aluminium, fabric 6550 ivory, with commercial screen printing.
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* 5 years according to our warranty conditions