Elegant cantilever parasol

The Amalfi canopy floats freely, seemingly weightless. The pole of the parasol stands laterally, thus creating plenty of space for tables and chairs. While the sun may wander during the day, the shade remains exactly where it is needed. With the optional stainless steel rotary foot, the Amalfi can be rotated 360° without having to move the base.

5 Year Warranty


Technical details

OperationSelf-stopping winch with detachable crank or motor
FabricPremium acrylic awning fabric in more than 120 colours (light-fast and weather-resistant). Also optionally available with water-permeable or fireproof fabrics.
Frame200 RAL colours for masts and struts
MastHigh-Power mast – 60 x 100 mm and 4 mm wall thickness – triple welded
StrutsAluminium struts 30 x 15 x 2 mm

The benefits for you

  • Robust aluminium frame for high wind stability
  • Smooth integrated crank winch
  • Mast for wall installation available
  • Optional with stainless steel rotary base
  • Optionally available with two or four canopies
Max. size 3,5 x 3,5 m3 x 4 mØ 4 m
Max. shading 12 m212 m212 m2

Fabrics and colours
Shapes Size Height open Headroom Closing height Distance
from mast centre to
parasol centre
200 x 200 cm ** 305 cm 252 cm 135 cm 183 cm 33 kg
250 x 250 cm 305 cm 228 cm 95 cm 183 cm 36 kg
300 x 300 cm 305 cm 220 cm 58 cm 183 cm 39 kg
350 x 350 cm 305 cm 210 cm 18 cm 183 cm 41 kg
200 x 300 cm ** 305 cm 250 cm 114 cm 183 cm 37 kg
200 x 350 cm 305 cm 225 cm 72 cm 183 cm 38 kg
200 x 400 cm 305 cm 220 cm 50 cm 183 cm 40 kg
250 x 300 cm 305 cm 225 cm 77 cm 183 cm 38 kg
250 x 350 cm 305 cm 220 cm 57 cm 183 cm 40 kg
250 x 400 cm 305 cm 212 cm 35 cm 183 cm 41 kg
300 x 350 cm 305 cm 214 cm 38 cm 183 cm 42 kg
300 x 400 cm 305 cm 208 cm 18 cm 183 cm 43 kg
Ø 250 cm** 305 cm 246 cm 155 cm 183 cm 35 kg
Ø 300 cm 305 cm 220 cm 108 cm 183 cm 37 kg
Ø 350 cm 305 cm 230 cm 100 cm 183 cm 39 kg
Ø 400 cm 305 cm 222 cm 72 cm 183 cm 43 kg

* Weight in kilos for a standard parasol without extras.
** These sizes are only available with wind hood.

Acrylic awning fabric (standard)

The tried and tested acrylic awning fabric is manufactured from 100% spinning nozzle dyed brand acrylic fabric. That means that the colour pigments – unlike in classic yarn dyeing – are applied during the fibre production. This ensures reliable protection against damaging UV radiation and permanently guarantees brilliant colours / constant weather and light-fastness. Furthermore, the acrylic fabric is especially tear-resistant and also dirt and water-repellent thanks to its impregnation with a special protective agent. The reliable solution for long-term outdoor use.

  • Water-proof up to 300-370 mm water column, EN 20811
  • High colour and weather fastness (7-8) of 8
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • 100% acrylic 285–300 g/m²
  • Commercial printing possible on canopy and valance

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Swela Sunvas Uni

This 100% polyester fabric has an innovative and effective dirt and water-repellent SNC impregnation. This makes the fabric air-permeable, weather-proof and resistant to rooting. The fabric also has a high elasticity without permanent stretching. It is therefore optimally suited for outdoor use.

  • Water-proof up to 350 mm water column, EN 20811
  • High light and weather fastness (7-8) of 8
  • Chlorine fastness (4-5) of 5
  • Polyester mesh with SNC impregnation
  • Surface weight approx. 310 g/m²
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • Excellent sun protection (UPF 50+)

Frame colours for masts and struts

You can find over 200 RAL colours here.

Levelable parasol head

With the levelling function, the canopy can be adjusted horizontally by a few degrees in the direction of the mast. The mechanism is suitable for adjusting the canopy, but not for inclining it.

Optional: stainless steel rotary foot

Sophisticated mechanism: The rotary foot made of stainless steel, rotatable by 360°, is screwed directly onto the ground sleeve or the parasol base. The rotating function is conveniently unlocked by pressing on the pedal. When the pedal is released, the mechanism engages and holds the parasol in position.

Smooth crank winch

Amalfi opens and closes very easily with the smooth crank winch. Self-locking holds the parasol in any position.

Space-saving wall installation

Sonnenschirm Amalfi Wandmontage Skizze

Save space by mounting the Amalfi to walls. The High-Power mast with a diameter of 60 mm and a wall thickness of 4 mm is produced for you according to your exact requirements, such as the wall installation height, the desired crank height etc. After closing the parasol, the Amalfi can be turned to the side to save space.

Parasol bases

Here you will find a parasol base to suit every parasol. CARAVITA offers a wide range of models for all purposes in many different colours and shapes. Learn more…

Ground sleeves and pole fittings

Ground sleeves are parasol bases to be set in concrete. Depending on the quality of the ground, ground sleeves are available in different lengths. The upper part of the ground sleeve can be removed. The part remaining in the ground is then at ground level. Learn more…

CARAVITA catalogue

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The Amalfi parasol is as versatile as you need it to be.

Bönnigheim outdoor swimming pool, Germany
Amalfi parasol 3.5 x 3.5 m, fabric U202 yellow, edge trimming yellow 32 frame RAL 9007 grey aluminium
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Hotel Five Senses, Granada, Spain
Amalfi Plus WALL parasol 2.50 m x 2.50 m, frame RAL 9006 white aluminium, fabric U101 white, wall holder.
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Private installation, Germany
Amalfi Plus parasol wall, 3x4m, frame RAL 7045 telegrey, fabric acrylic U905 slate, edge trimming E908 grey.
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Salsa Fiesta Urban Mex Grill, USA
Amalfi parasol 2.5 m x 2.5 m, frame RAL 7016 anthracite grey, fabric U302 orange, edge trimming orange with sewed-on valance.
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Amalfi Plus parasol, private installation, Germany
Amalfi Plus parasol, 3x3m and 3.5×3.5m, frame RAL 7016 anthracite grey, fabric acrylic WP U906 grey, edge trimming 18 light grey, without valance, i, edge trimming E908 grey.
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Steigenberger, Bad Wörishofen, Germany
Amalfi parasol, 3m square
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Tudor House Dream South Beach Hotel, USA
Amalfi parasol, different sizes, frame RAL 7048 pearl mouse grey, fabric U910 black, edge trimming black.
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* 5 years according to our warranty conditions