Big Ben Freestyle

Customised high-end parasol

Where standard sizes are not enough, Big Ben Freestyle can be used. The professional restaurant parasol is individually produced according to customer requirements. Shape and size can be freely chosen. With a side length of up to 7 m and a surface of up to 36 m², Big Ben Freestyle not only guarantees efficient shading, but also creates real design highlights with its unusual shape!

5 Year Warranty

Big Ben Freestyle

Technical details

OperationCrank mechanism
FabricPremium acrylic awning fabric in more than 120 colours (light-fast and weather-resistant). Also optionally available with water-permeable or fireproof fabrics.
Frame200 RAL colours for masts and struts
MastAluminium mast with 84 mm diameter and 5 mm wall thickness
StrutsPower struts 40 x 20 mm with extra long U reinforcements
OptionsIncluding protective cover

The benefits for you

  • Large parasol with individual shape and size
  • Closes over tables and patio furniture thanks to sophisticated telescopic system
  • Extreme wind stability due to solid mast and hub made of high-grade aluminium
  • Many extras: radiant heater, LED strut lights and more

A hand-drawn sketch with all dimensions and optional extras suffices as a design draft. We will examine the feasibility of your draft in advance.

Design ideas
Fabrics and colours

Acrylic awning fabric (standard)

The tried and tested acrylic awning fabric is manufactured from 100% spinning nozzle dyed brand acrylic fabric. That means that the colour pigments – unlike in classic yarn dyeing – are applied during the fibre production. This ensures reliable protection against damaging UV radiation and permanently guarantees brilliant colours / constant weather and light-fastness. Furthermore, the acrylic fabric is especially tear-resistant and also dirt and water-repellent thanks to its impregnation with a special protective agent. The reliable solution for long-term outdoor use.

  • Water-proof up to 300-370 mm water column, EN 20811
  • High colour and weather fastness (7-8) of 8
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • 100% acrylic 285–300 g/m²
  • Commercial printing possible on canopy and valance

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Swela Sunvas Uni

This 100% polyester fabric has an innovative and effective dirt and water-repellent SNC impregnation. This makes the fabric air-permeable, weather-proof and resistant to rooting. The fabric also has a high elasticity without permanent stretching. It is therefore optimally suited for outdoor use.

  • Water-proof up to 350 mm water column, EN 20811
  • High light and weather fastness (7-8) of 8
  • Chlorine fastness (4-5) of 5
  • Polyester mesh with SNC impregnation
  • Surface weight approx. 310 g/m²
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • Excellent sun protection (UPF 50+)

Frame colours for masts and struts

You can find over 200 RAL colours here.

Elegance – Integrated strut light

With the integrated Elegance LED strut light, you can make any patio shine. Designed to be elegant and unobtrusive, the modern LED strips provide pleasant light. The lights are easily switched on and off via the central switch on the mast or via remote control. The latter also allows you to dim the lights. Also available with coloured LED light strips.

Radiant heater

With the integrated radiant heaters for Big Ben, you can create a favorite a favorite place outdoors even on cool days. Perfectly suited for long evenings – in restaurants, of course, but also in the private garden. All wires are securely concealed inside of the frame. The detachable radiant heaters are simply plugged into the connections at the strut ends. Lights and heating can be switched on and off individually using the central switch at the top of the mast.

Parasol bases

Here you will find a parasol base to suit every parasol. CARAVITA offers a wide range of models for all purposes in many different colours and shapes. Learn more…

Ground sleeves and pole fittings

Ground sleeves are parasol bases to be set in concrete. Depending on the quality of the ground, ground sleeves are available in different lengths. The upper part of the ground sleeve can be removed. The part remaining in the ground is then at ground level. Learn more…


Durable design

Only the best materials and extra strong aluminium profiles are used in the robust design of Big Ben. The solid mast has a diameter of 84 mm and a wall thickness of 5 mm, making it stronger than most others in its class.

Practical alignment guide

This guide greatly simplifies the erection of large parasols. Simply screw adjusting screws into ground sleeve or mobile base. Position the parasol. Thread the alignment guide into the screw and push the parasol up. Then simply screw in place and it’s all done.

Wind-stable up to 100 km/h!

Its solid design makes Big Ben extra robust. To prove this, the professional parasol was tested by structural engineers in a wind tunnel, where the 3 x 3 m version can withstand even strong winds of up to 100 km/h!

Telescopic system

The advantage: the telescopic system extends the mast when closing! Tables and patio furniture can stay where they are.

Plus X Award for Big Ben Freestyle

The Big Ben Freestyle was awarded the Plus X Award 2018/2019 in the categories High Quality, Design and Functionality.

The Plus X Award is the innovation prize for brand quality. A panel of judges, made up of experts representing different sectors, awards the quality seals for the innovation prize: Innovation, Design, High Quality, Operating Comfort, Functionality, Ergonomics and Ecology. The approach of the Plus X Award is unique. Compared to other competitions, which consider themselves mostly design awards, the Plus X Award takes a nuanced approach with its seven quality seals. The Plus X Award quality seals are thus not only a benchmark for the best products, but also an unmistakable sign of brand quality.


The Gabione Multicube is made up of robust steel cages with wood covering and is the ideal replacement for conventional parasol bases with flagstones. The mobile Multicube creates a comfortable atmosphere for additional guests and ensures flexibility when arranging your outdoor area – without having to install ground sleeves.


Big Ben Freestyle is as versatile as you need it to be.

Château de Courcelles, France
4 x Big Ben parasol 4.5 x 6 m, 2x Big Ben parasol 3 x 6 m, 2x Big Ben Freestyle with integrated “Elegance” lighting. Frame RAL 6020 chrome green, fabric colour 5890 red.
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* 5 years according to our warranty conditions