Weather protection

With CARAVITA, you can enjoy time outdoors even in rainy weather, on cold days and late at night. CARAVITA offers many options to create your individually customised weather protection solution:

Keep your guests dry
Moderate to high rain protection can be achieved by choosing the right fabric. For private use, acrylic awning fabric is usually sufficient. Restaurant owners often opt for the more dense All Weather or Ferrari Precontraint 302. Drainage gutters can close the gaps between different parasols. Side panels protect against drafts and lateral rainfall.

Create a warm oasis
Detachable infrared radiant heaters can be easily mounted on your parasol. The Big Ben parasol can be equipped with an integrated heating system to provide a professional solution, whereby the cables run safely and discreetly inside the parasol.

Turn night into day
Big Ben parasol lighting creates a stylish ambiance on your terrace. Professionals opt for the Big Ben parasol with integrated Elegance lighting system including dimmer and remote control.

Details of the individual options can be found on the following pages: