Functional parasol with crank mechanism

With its smooth crank mechanism, this shade provider unfolds easily to its true size to welcome guests underneath. Samara dispenses warm sun rays during the day and ensures comfortable temperatures under the parasol in the evening. Even in the largest size, this visually slight parasol is amazingly easy to use.

5 Year Warranty


Technical details

OperationSmooth crank
FabricPremium acrylic awning fabric in more than 120 colours (light-fast and weather-resistant). Also optionally available with water-permeable or fireproof fabrics.
FrameWhite RAL 9016, anthracite grey RAL 7016 or anodised silver, other RAL colours at extra charge
MastAluminium mast with 50 mm diameter and 3 mm wall thickness
StrutsDouble-Layer power struts 30 x 15 x 2 mm with strut reinforcement

The benefits for you

  • Closes over tables and patio furniture thanks to sophisticated telescopic system
  • Struts made of high-grade aluminium provide wind stability
  • Smooth and reliable crank mechanism
Max. size 4 x 4 m3,5 x 4,5 mØ 4,5 m
Max. shading 16 m216 m215 m2
Fabrics and colours
Shapes Size Height open Height closed Headroom Closing height Weight*
250 x 250 cm 273 cm 334 cm 225 cm 152 cm 23 kg
300 x 300 cm 283 cm 348 cm 225 cm 130 cm 27 kg
350 x 350 cm 291 cm 361 cm 225 cm 106 cm 32 kg
400 x 400 cm** 301 cm 376 cm 225 cm 84 cm 36 kg
200 x 300 cm* 274 cm 335 cm 225 cm 149 cm 22 kg
200 x 350 cm 280 cm 353 cm 225 cm 146 cm 24 kg
200 x 400 cm 285 cm 358 cm 225 cm 127 cm 26 kg
250 x 300 cm 278 cm 345 cm 225 cm 144 cm 24 kg
250 x 350 cm 283 cm 358 cm 225 cm 136 cm 26 kg
250 x 400 cm 288 cm 361 cm 225 cm 118 cm 28 kg
300 x 350 cm 287 cm 358 cm 225 cm 120 cm 28 kg
300 x 400 cm 291 cm 369 cm 225 cm 111 cm 30 kg
300 x 450 cm 297 cm 373 cm 225 cm 94 cm 32 kg
350 x 400 cm** 295 cm 372 cm 225 cm 98 cm 34 kg
350 x 450 cm** 300 cm 376 cm 225 cm 82 cm 36 kg
Ø 250 cm*** 260 cm 327 cm 226 cm 203 cm 18 kg
Ø 300 cm 266 cm 330 cm 225 cm 179 cm 21 kg
Ø 350 cm 273 cm 342 cm 225 cm 165 cm 25 kg
Ø 400 cm 279 cm 349 cm 225 cm 146 cm 29 kg
Ø 450 cm 286 cm 363 cm 225 cm 134 cm 32 kg
Ø 500 cm 292 cm 370 cm 225 cm 115 cm 36 kg

* Weight in kilos for a standard parasol without extras.
** Handle height of crank: 90 cm (Handle height for other sizes: 100 cm)
*** These sizes are only available with wind hood.

Acrylic awning fabric (standard)

The tried and tested acrylic awning fabric is manufactured from 100% spinning nozzle dyed brand acrylic fabric. That means that the colour pigments – unlike in classic yarn dyeing – are applied during the fibre production. This ensures reliable protection against damaging UV radiation and permanently guarantees brilliant colours / constant weather and light-fastness. Furthermore, the acrylic fabric is especially tear-resistant and also dirt and water-repellent thanks to its impregnation with a special protective agent. The reliable solution for long-term outdoor use.

  • Water-proof up to 300-370 mm water column, EN 20811
  • High colour and weather fastness (7-8) of 8
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • 100% acrylic 285–300 g/m²
  • Commercial printing possible on canopy and valance

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Swela Sunvas Uni

This 100% polyester fabric has an innovative and effective dirt and water-repellent SNC impregnation. This makes the fabric air-permeable, weather-proof and resistant to rooting. The fabric also has a high elasticity without permanent stretching. It is therefore optimally suited for outdoor use.

  • Water-proof up to 350 mm water column, EN 20811
  • High light and weather fastness (7-8) of 8
  • Chlorine fastness (4-5) of 5
  • Polyester mesh with SNC impregnation
  • Surface weight approx. 310 g/m²
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • Excellent sun protection (UPF 50+)

Frame colours for masts and struts

You can find over 200 RAL colours here.

High-grade hub

High stability: The Samara parasol is equipped with an especially strong and solid aluminium hub. Powder coating is available in desired RAL colour.

Smooth crank

Extremely easy to use: Samara can be opened and closed with a detachable stainless steel crank. The mechanism inside the mast ensures that the parasol can be closed easily with minimal physical effort.

Sophisticated telescopic system

The advantage: the telescopic system extends the mast when closing! Tables and patio furniture can stay where they are.

Stable struts

The parasol struts, made of 2 mm thick aluminium tube, are reinforced with special profiles in sections under particular strain.

Parasol bases

Here you will find a parasol base to suit every parasol. CARAVITA offers a wide range of models for all purposes in many different colours and shapes. Learn more…

Ground sleeves and pole fittings

Ground sleeves are parasol bases to be set in concrete. Depending on the quality of the ground, ground sleeves are available in different lengths. The upper part of the ground sleeve can be removed. The part remaining in the ground is then at ground level. Learn more…

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The Samara is as versatile as you need it to be.

“Reiter” café, Donaueschingen, Germany
Samara Classic parasol (3 m round, fabric U202 yellow) with wind hood and Big Ben parasol (5.5m round, fabric Dickson Max yellow 6316), frame RAL 9016 traffic white, edge trimming yellow.
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Hans im Glück, Luisenstraße, Munich, Germany
Samara parasol 3 m x 4 m, frame RAL 7016 anthracite, fabric U819 brown.
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Preschool, Germany
Samara parasol, 4m, frame RAL9016 traffic white, fabric acrylic U 704 lime green and U 610 turquoise, edge trimming lime green and sky blue with flowing valance, wind hood and crank operation.
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Bapas restaurant, Munich, Deutschland
Samara parasol, different sizes, frame RAL 8017 chocolate brown, fabric U910 black, edge trimming black, sewed-on valance with screen print.
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Rothsee lake, Franconian Lake District, Germany
Samara Classic parasol, different sizes, fabric U906 grey, edge trimming E902 grey, flowing valance, with wind roof.
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Stadtbibliothek, Schmiedsecke, Marktheidenfeld, Deutschland
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* 5 years according to our warranty conditions