Functional parasol with pulley

Primus impresses with its fast handling and easy-to-use pulley mechanism. This makes the parasol light and mobile. Mobility like this is a must for market stalls and information events, and it is a convenient feature at home on the patio. Primus is available with an aluminium frame, while the Primus Wood variant features a solid ash wood frame.


Technical details

OperationPulley mechanism
FabricPremium parasol fabric in more than 120 colours. 100% acrylic fabric, light-fast and weather-resistant
FrameWhite RAL 9016, anthracite grey RAL 7016 or anodised silver
PoleAluminium pole with 50 mm diameter and 3 mm wall thickness
StrutsStruts made of aluminium
HubAluminum in frame color
OptionsIncluding polyester protective cover

Your benefits

  • Light and mobile
  • Struts made of high-grade aluminium provide wind stability
  • Easy-to-use pulley technology
Min. size 2,5 x 2,5 mØ 2,5 m
Max. size4 x 4 mØ 4 m
Max. shading16 m212,5 m2
Fabrics and colours
Shapes Size Height open Height closed Headroom Closing height Weight*
250 x 250 cm 270 cm 270 cm 220 cm 86 cm 18 kg
300 x 300 cm 280 cm 280 cm 220 cm 60 cm 23 kg
350 x 350 cm 285 cm 285 cm 220 cm 28 cm 30 kg
400 x 400 cm 310 cm 310 cm 220 cm 27 cm 33 kg
Ø 250 cm 255 cm 255 cm 220 cm 129 cm 13 kg
Ø 300 cm 260 cm 260 cm 220 cm 105 cm 20 kg
Ø 350 cm 265 cm 265 cm 220 cm 85 cm 22 kg
Ø 400 cm 275 cm 275 cm 220 cm 75 cm 24 kg

* Weight in kilos for a standard parasol without extras. Headroom and closing height 25 cm less with valance. All height dimensions a few cm greater depending on stand (data for ground sleeve).

Acrylic awning fabric (standard)

The tried and tested acrylic awning fabric is manufactured from 100% spinning nozzle dyed brand acrylic fabric. That means that the colour pigments – unlike in classic yarn dyeing – are applied during the fibre production. This ensures reliable protection against damaging UV radiation and permanently guarantees brilliant colours / constant weather and light-fastness. Furthermore, the acrylic fabric is especially tear-resistant and also dirt and water-repellent thanks to its impregnation with a special protective agent. The reliable solution for long-term outdoor use.

  • Water-proof up to 300-370 mm water column, EN 20811
  • High colour and weather fastness (7-8) of 8
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • 100% acrylic 285–300 g/m²
  • Commercial printing possible on canopy and valance

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Acryl ProNature

With ProNature acrylic fabric, CARAVITA offers an innovation that has it all: the fabric treated with a finish provides clean air. Photocatalysis is used to eliminate pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and organic substances, thereby neutralising odours. For simply more sustainable quality of life. The specifications of this ingenious fabric are the same as for the onventional, tried-and-tested acrylic fabric.

  • Water-proof from 300 – 370 mm water column, EN 20811
  • High colour and weather fastness (7 – 8) of 8
  • Water and dirt-repellent
  • 100% acrylic fabric 285 – 300 g/m²
  • Commercial printing possible on canopy and valance

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Frame colours for masts and struts

You can find over 200 RAL colours here.

Parasol bases

The Rimini parasol base is suitable for the Primus parasol. Learn more…

Ground sleeves and pole fittings

Ground sleeves are parasol bases to be set in concrete. Depending on the quality of the ground, ground sleeves are available in different lengths. The upper part of the ground sleeve can be removed. The part remaining in the ground is then at ground level. Learn more…

CARAVITA – A parasol unlike any other

The choice is yours: size, pole colour, fabric design. Each parasol is then individually manufactured according to the requirements of our customers. With over 25 years of experience, a lot of passion, and high-grade materials, your unique shading system is created – a parasol unlike like any other and a real eye-catcher.